RK Bridal Helpful Hints & Ideas

What do you get for free?
Advice...here are a few good ones...

Plan ahead...

  1. Planners are great, most of them are books and once you turn the page, that's right, out of sight out of mind. Try one long legal page list all of our to do's, make copies if needed and as you go down the list, you will always see what still need to be completed. You can also give our mate a copy, give some things to do.

  2. If you want to let people know in advance " Save the Date" , send a fun postcard letting your guest to keep a date open for a future great event.

  3. Face your guests, most weddings you find the bride & groom with their backs to the guest for the entire services. Plan to face your guests, this makes it more personable. Some brides & grooms may find this somewhat distracting.

  4. Have fun with the vow's. Add some personal touch, if your groom is a sport fan, give him a promise of two Sundays to watch his favorite sporting events, or for the bride give her two nights to got the theater. You can add, but make it fun.  Have the person doing the services ask the question "does anyone here have any reason why this bride & groom should not marry?", then have one or two friends stand up.

  5. During your services, speaking loud can sound like you're already yelling at your partner, better is to have a speaker system. During the services, nobody can hear what is being said between the bride & groom. If you not sure what to, do ask your DJ or Band to set something up.

  6. Have someone at the door with cold drink for your guests when they first arrive. Some people have had a long drive.

  7. The bar is great -too often there is a long line. Have someone walking around with a tray of drinks. Wine, Champagne, Beer etc...

  8. Don't number the tables, give them names, movies, or country's...the decorate them accordingly. Make it fun.

  9. Cut the cake early, don't make your guests wait. Some guests have long drives, and will not wait. Have you been to a wedding and they kept you waiting?

  10. Have a goodie bag for your guests...not the favors, a bag of candy, gum.

  11. You may want to hire a party planner, someone to keep things moving.

  12. For you the bride, have an additional dress for your wedding. Not a wedding gown. A party dress, I call it "The just in case dress". Have you been to a wedding where someone spills something on the gown? It rips, you become uncomfortable, it's to hot... What ever the reason, bring it.

  13. Instead of having guests sign a guest book you'll never look at again, have them sign the matte around your engagement photo. Or leave the photo space open and put in a wedding photo later. Then you have a visible reminder you can hang on the wall of the people supporting your marriage.

    If you have any good ideas, e-mail me and I'll add them and list your name with it.
    Plan your wedding to be fun, dare to start your new life with fun.

    From all of us at RK Bridal,

    All the best...

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