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RK Bridal's NO FRILLS Program

All NO FRILLS orders are final sales and cannot be cancelled, exchanged, or refunded. You select and are responsible for the dress style, color, and size using the measuring chart given in the order form. By choosing the NO FRILLS program you are receiving a discounted price on the dress. There are no alterations or any try-ons in the store.

For Bridesmaids - We offer 2 ways to purchase your dress (s)

The No Frills Purchase Program

  • Select the manufacturer & style number of the gown you wish to purchase.
  • Click Here to locate the manufacturer's order forms.
  • Have your measurements professionally taken: Bust, Waist, Hips (hips only if gown fill be fitted over hips--helpful chart). A-line dresses have extra room over the hips.
  • Based on your measurements, choose a size according to the size chart.
  • Fax or email RK Bridal the completed order form with the style number, size (s) and the color you have selected.
  • Only dresses of the same style number can appear on one order form. When ordering different styles, you will need to use one form per style. You can order multiple sizes & colors on one form.
  • Payments are taken in full at time of order. One credit card per order form.
  • Please provide all shipping information at the time of order.
  • NO IN-HOUSE ALTERATIONS are offered for gowns purchased through the "No-Frills Program." Please contact a local outside tailor for fittings.
  • Once the dress (s) arrive they cannot be tried on in the store. Dresses purchased through the "No Frills" Program will automatically be shipped to the addresses provided.
  • It is best to order all dresses together to insure Dye Lot match.
  • You are responsible for all information provided on your order form.
  • Shipping Fees:
    • Most of our Bridesmaids dresses will ship for FREE!
    • When shipping in New York State, sales tax will be added to your total balance.
    • Shipping 1 Bridesmaids Dress to a PO BOX: $25 (includes insurance). ADD $4 for every dress in the same order to the one PO BOX.
    • International Shipping for Bridesmaids Dresses: $53 & UP to ship 1 dress. ADD $5 for each additional dress in the same order being shipped to same address. Shipping to Bermuda or South America are a separate price. Please call for pricing.
  • All Sales are final. Orders cannot be canceled or exchanged

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In Store Purchase Program

  • We take your measurements and help select the proper size (s). You can always request your own size, but you will be responsible for the size you choose.
  • When your gown arrives, you may try it on in the store, and if you need alterations, you may use our in-house tailors at an additional fee.
  • Please keep in mind that our alterations department requires 8 weeks alone prior to the wedding date in order to accept alterations for bridesmaids dresses. Bridal gowns and Mother's gowns will require even a longer time period. Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding alterations.
  • Alterations are not included in the price of the gown.